The Technical Group play a key role in providing technical guidance in forming the XR-CRC bid as well as providing ongoing support to the operation of the CRC and projects undertaken. 

The XR-CRC’s Technical Group is comprised of key XR researchers from  the academic partners and industry partners; their direction is set in response to  industry needs.  Members of the Technical Group contribute a vast amount of XR-specific technical research expertise spanning the different domains forming the XR continuum e.g. from virtual reality through to mixed reality with multi-sensory engineered solutions. 

The Technical Group is led by Associate Professor Ben Horan from Deakin University (Lead Academic Institution) and operate across the XR-CRC’s different research streams. Combining application-focused XR expertise of the domain experts in the Creative Industries, Emergency Services and Health research streams, with the generic technical XR expertise of the Technical Group, provides an invaluable combination for solving industry’s XR problems.