Through a range of initiatives, programs and projects, development and streamlining of XR-based training, education products and development of standards and frameworks, the XRCRC Education program will dissolve distance and disadvantage, support the creation of new industries and enable Australia’s workforce of the future.

The XRCRC Education Program will:

❱ Form the connective tissue between the research streams and strengthen cross-institutional links;

❱ Facilitate the preparation and placement of HDR candidates;

❱ Develop pathways between Industry, TAFE and the Academy;

❱ Translate stream-based research outcomes into educational products, course designs and skills frameworks, and;

❱ Capture, identify, promote disseminate best practice for XR-based learning design and outcomes


Professor Jo Coldwell-Neilson | Deakin University

Dr Greg Bowtell | Deakin University

Dr John Debs | Australian National University




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The XR CRC will have a fresh, broad, imaginative education program ensuring industry-ready rapid skills acquisition and close partnership with TAFE and industry partners, to provide short courses, micro credentialing, student work placements as well as longer term research based PhD and Research Masters students