'The exciting thing about the XRCRC for me is that it helps to answer the biggest question of where to next - for a range of industries - as well as providing the capacity and momentum to make substantial progress towards making it a reality.'

- Dr Penny Kyburz, Senior Lecturer, the ANU



The XRCRC provides an efficient and competitive research and development environment to help Industry partners manage the immersive experience and engagement impact and opportunities across the people, the content and the technology because of digital acceleration.

XRCRC looks to throw the switch on partner transformation with access to an expert industry and research collaboration network to help drive immersive experience development for the extended digital world.


XRCRC will be a medium to long-term industry-led collaborative research program to:

  • Solve Industry-identified problems and improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Industry

  • Support Industry-focused skills and capability development with education and training including PhD programs

  • Increase Industry research and development (R&D) capacity

  • Encourage Industry led research engagement and commercialisation of research outcomes


In their 2019 report, “Seeing Is believing”, PwC estimatedVR and AR have the potential to add US $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030’ and the creation of more than 23 million jobs globally.


With the combined impact of digital acceleration and immersive engagement, how can organisations respond with skilled teams and develop new digital solutions to meet the experience challenge across people, content and technology?

Digital technology driven transformation has been occurring for decades and grown in speed as technology has become more pervasive, available, interactive and relevant. Indeed, the events of 2020 have lit the fuse on digital transformation and driven a leap ahead across all sectors with more than half of all offerings now digital.


This digital leap ahead is estimated to have been 3 to 4 years for most developed regions and 10 years in others. However, this rapid move to technology driven responses has also highlighted limitations and significant gaps.


New digital offerings demand more from organisations, people, digital technology and digital infrastructure, to deliver safe, secure, and relevant content and data across a wide range of sectors, value chains, ecosystems and end users.  


Keeping pace and benefiting during this digital disruption requires new thinking, new ideas, new methods, and new solutions.


Nowhere will this be more important than in building digital offerings that engage and extend experience for everyone - customers, consumers, clients, employees, and partners alike.


Increasingly, this human interaction with the digital offering is immersive.


Digital Experience IS the eXtended Reality Experience.